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Scott Daniel is a man of many talents. Hailing from Birmingham, AL, he began his career as a steel worker and worked at US Steel for nine years before teaching himself a new skill: graphic design. He opened First Choice Graphics in 2015, a shop owned and operated by himself and his wife, Alleta. First Choice Graphics quickly gained traction as one of the top graphics studios in the Bessemer area and in 2017 Scott was approached by a local production to do the graphics for a feature film called Trading Paint that was being shot in Birmingham. Scott took on the challenge whole-heartedly, designing and printing everything from banners and posters to full vehicle wraps for the race cars. It was on this show that Scott fell in love with film production and everything the art department had to offer.

Since then he has not only been the graphic designer for films such as Bigger (2018), Line of Duty (2019), and Embattled (2019), but also moved up to larger roles including art directing (Hour of Lead, Diamond, and Wrong Turn: The Foundation), set decorating (SuperCool), and production designing (Hell on the Boarder, Ocean, Diamond, Out of the Fight, and Creek). Scott has worked with esteemed directors such as Teppo Airaksinen, Mike P. Nelson, Wes Miller, Rich Ragsdale, Clarke Duke, and Fred Durst. He has worked on everything from modern day comedies to horror to westerns.


Friends, family, and co-workers alike often describe Scott as funny, dedicated, hard-working, and one hell of a guitarist. His love of film, art, and the creative process is only surpassed by the love of his family. Scott currently lives in Birmingham, AL with his wife and two children.




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